Recent Grants

The board of Directors of the AFRMG work closely with the Director and Development Team at RMG in awarding grants to support initiatives such as exhibitions, touring programs, international conferences, lectures, object acquisitions and capital redevelopment projects.

AFRMG supports the Endeavour Project

AFRMG has committed to an annual grant payment until 2018 in support of the Endeavour Project.

This capital redevelopment project in Greenwich will create four new galleries on the subjects of Polar Exploration Worlds, Tudor and Stuart Britain Seafarers, the Pacific Ocean Encounters and a collections gallery entitled Sea Things. The Project will also improve collections research and storage conditions.

Dr Lee MacCormic Edwards Charitable Foundation grant towards the Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity exhibition.

Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity is a special exhibition at the National Maritime Museum opening on 3 November 2016. Emma was one of the most famous celebrities of her time and is most remembered as the woman who captured the heart of Admiral Horatio Nelson. The Lee MacCormick Edwards Charitable Foundation awarded a $1,200 grant towards the costs of the exhibition.

Ahoy! opened at the National Maritime Museum in 2015 and is an interactive gallery aimed at 0-7 year olds.

This fantastic new gallery was supported with a gift of $30,000 via AFRMG from the Lee MacCormick Edwards Foundation. Lee MacCormick Edwards was a Patron and donor and a long-standing supporter of the AFRMG and we are delighted that her gift is providing pleasure for young visitors at Greenwich.

Find out more about Ahoy!

AFRMG grant to acquire Lusitania treasure

A grant of $5,500 from the AFRMG enabled the National Maritime Museum to acquire a letter written by Walter R. Storch, a survivor of the Lusitania disaster.

This moving letter regarding that fateful event was written to the sister of a passenger Storch attempted to rescue. It now forms part of an archive journey box used by schools, and is a valued contribution to the Museums collections.

AFRMG travel grant to the US

The AFRMG awarded a grant for Rory McEvoy, Curator of Horology, RMG, to attend the Time for Everyone Conference in Pasadena, USA.

Attendance at this conference was particularly important as 2014 marked the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the Longitude Prize, eventually claimed by the clockmaker John Harrison, whose winning timepieces are on display at Greenwich.

AFRMG support for the opening of the major touring exhibition Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude

AFRMG support enabled the US astronaut Dan Brandenstein to open this special exhibition at Greenwich.

Whilst at Greenwich Mr Brandenstein also gave an interview for the RMG Members magazine, and undertook a ‘Meet the Astronaut’ session for schools – which was recorded and is available as a podcast on the RMG website. Since exhibiting at Greenwich Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude has toured to venues in the US.

AFRMG support for 2013 international conference

A generous grant from the AFRMG supported the international conference Navy and Nation: 1688 to present at Greenwich in July 2013.

Funds enabled the conference to welcome a number of American speakers, including the US keynote speaker. This conference helped to forge new and substantial links between US universities and RMG. The grant also contributed to a post conference publication.